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Wire sawing is cost effective for cutting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as machine bases, bridge sections, towers, piers, and for cutting openings in thick granite walls. When time and workspace are limited, where vibration and impact shock are unacceptable, or where conventional cutting methods are impractical, wire sawing is the perfect solution.

This is done using diamond impregnated wire and pulley systems set up differently for each specific type of cut. The wire can cut flush to adjacent surfaces. Due to the fact that the wire saws are very quiet they are often used in hospitals, schools and in other occupied areas.





Hydraulic/Pneumatic vertically mounted diamond blade saws used for cutting retaining walls, structural slabs, concrete pipes, and foundation walls for (but not limited to) door and window openings, access holes, elevator shafts, and stairwells.




Brokk machines have a proven track record in the general construction and demolition industries. They are extremely versatile in that the same machine performs a variety of functions with a quick attachment change. They are designed to work in tight areas with none of the fumes from conventional equipment, can climb stairs and will pass through a standard door opening.



Jerico offers small and large diameter holes, which can be drilled through concrete (reinforced or not), stone asphalt, brick and block. Core drilling doesn't generate dust or cause vibration. We also do coring through manhole structures with pipe boot installation that is MWRA approved.




Flat sawing or Slab sawing is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, parking areas, floors, or any hard concrete or asphalt surface. Jerico has used flat sawing for plumbing trenches, control joints, and road sawing.



  • Demolition and Disposal
  • Interior Excavation
  • Rock Drilling/Splitting
  • Grouting
  • Epoxy Systems
  • Manhole Boot Installations
  • Union and Non-Union Labor
  • 24-hour service


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